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Diverse Learning Environments

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The Infant Room can be the beginning experience for parents and families with child care. We at Carousel strive to ensure a warm, caring, and thriving environment for the babies and their families. Our caregivers work with each child on important developmental milestones including but not limited to sitting, crawling, rolling over, tummy time, and fine and gross motor skills. Babies are always encouraged to explore their environment and develop skills at their own pace. Equipment and toys are age-appropriate!

The Infant Room takes care of children 6 weeks through 1 year.  Every day the basic needs of the infants are taken care of by trained, loving, and dedicated caregivers. The infants also engage in learning activities through play and other sensory tools. The caregivers work closely with the parents to make sure that the care their child receives at Carousel compliments what is done at home.

​The Infant Room schedule allows flexibility to meet each child's needs. The schedule can also include planned activities and crafts. Infants are able to explore their curiosities and have self-learning experiences as well as hands-on experiences with the caregivers. 

The infant room allows a maximum of eight (8) infants. 



The Toddler Room takes care of children age 1 to 2.  The staff follows a curriculum that enables toddlers to practice motor skills, social skills, and artistic skills.  Children enter into a world of discovery as they play, hear stories, and interact with each other.  
As an infant grows into a toddler, they are constantly exploring and eager to learn. In the Toddler Room, children are provided with everyday learning opportunities on an individual and group level. Caregivers provide and warm, caring, and structured environment for children to explore their surroundings, likes, and dislikes. 

The Toddler Room provides care for up to ten (10) toddlers. 

The Two's

The Two's Room cares for children aged 2 to 3 years old.  The children begin potty training upon arrival in the room along with personal hygiene and hand washing.  They continue working on counting, shapes, and colors and do lots of music along with story time. They are also beginning to learn their days of the week, months, and how to read and recognize their name. This kind of schedule provides a greater structure for the children to follow throughout their daily routines. Creative play is certainly encouraged throughout the day! Teachers provide time to explore curiosities in centers as well as free play. 

The Two's Room can care for up to ten (10) children. 


The Littles

The Littles room takes care of children two and a half to three years old. They do preschool activities focused on numbers, shapes, and beginning cutting practice. They continue the potty training instruction begun in the two's room. They focus on literacy, letter recognition, reading, and songs. They are able to check out books for the children once a week from the Carousel Library.

The Littles room can care for up to
fourteen (14) children.


Dinky Dragons

The Dinky Dragons room cares for children age 3 to 4 years old.  The children are involved in a full preschool program that utilize curriculum and lesson plans created by teaching staff. The Dinky's room continues to promote independence as well as working positively with others. Structured activities are a more essential part of the morning activities with circle time, story time, and organized activities and crafts that promote learning in subject areas. 

The Dinky Dragons room can care for up to 20 children. 

Pre - K

The Pre-K class cares for children 4 to 5 years old. The children's experiences in this room prepare them for everything they need to know to go to kindergarten and more. The children are given time in the morning to work on educational pieces including physical development, cognitive development, social and emotional development through child-guided and adult scaffolded play. The children are continuously encouraged to work with others to support developmental skills such as teamwork, sharing, and positive social skills. 

The Pre-K class can care for up to 24 children.


School Age

The School Age Room cares for children from kindergarten through 12 years of age. Throughout the school year, this room offers before and after school care as well as child care during school breaks.  Transportation is provided to and from Greensburg Community Schools and North Decatur Elementary School. During the summer, this room offers a Summer Explorers Program where the children experience many different learning opportunities throughout the local community.  

Through generous grant offerings from the Decatur County United Fund and the Decatur County Community Foundation, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs have been established. These programs provide space camp activity days, rocketry days, computer activities, and much more.  

The School Age Room can care for up to 30 children. 

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